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  • Why camping is the antidote to modern life

    Why camping is the antidote to modern life

    Camping is all about the bush, but it’s also more than that. It’s a all-senses immersion that completely resets my sense of time and need.

  • On the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

    On the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

    If you live in North Queensland, a visit to Hinchinbrook Island is a must. If you are physically able, walking the Thorsborne Trail along the length of this iconic island takes it to the next level. It’s been a long time since I was there, and my efforts to walk the trail again were thwarted…

  • Perfect isolation: Cobourg Peninsula

    Perfect isolation: Cobourg Peninsula

    Sometimes, all you need to be is away. Away from phone reception and internet connections. Away from busy. Away from thinking. Cobourg Peninsula is not just away, it’s far away. It’s not easy to get there and that’s half the appeal for someone like me. Tucked away in the top of the Northern Territory it…

  • Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    We’d come to the art site via the Barrk Sandstone track, through some of the best Kakadu scenery you can see. I walked around taking in the rock art pieces and their stories. I looked at the hand prints for a few minutes, they were clean and simple, just hands like any others. Except for…

  • Red Centre Road Trip

    Red Centre Road Trip

    We’ve just returned from a two-week road trip to the middle of Australia, with Uluru both the main destination and the furthest point from home. As we only had this short amount of time off work, the driving was definitely a bit challenging with several long car days to help us get there and back.…

  • Simplicity and Solitude

    Simplicity and Solitude

    Peace and quiet on the Plenty Highway

  • Once a jolly swagman

    Once a jolly swagman

    Rewards for a hard day’s drive