On the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

If you live in North Queensland, a visit to Hinchinbrook Island is a must. If you are physically able, walking the Thorsborne Trail along the length of this iconic island takes it to the next level. It’s been a long time since I was there, and my efforts to walk the trail again were thwartedContinue reading “On the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island”

King’s Canyon Rim Walk, Watarrka National Park

There is something about a canyon I find hard to resist. Life clings to little cracks and ledges often defying both physics and biology, and their landscapes hide details that are overwhelmed by the grandeur of everything else. Walking around them is the only way to fully appreciate the meagre along with the mighty. TheContinue reading “King’s Canyon Rim Walk, Watarrka National Park”

On track

“You’ll need to do these for when you’re back walking hills.” I was internally doing fist-pumps at that statement, whilst outwardly playing it cool. I’m certain my physio didn’t notice as she worked on my knee. She was referring to a new set of exercises that are preventative┬áso that I don’t get this all overContinue reading “On track”

Mt Bartle Frere – Western Ascent

This is the trip that first gave me aching knees, so it seems appropriate that it be the first track I discuss here. I’ve been up the mountain three times in all, and each time left me with a lingering physical reminder that I am an all too breakable human.