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  • The philosophy of growing caterpillars

    The philosophy of growing caterpillars

    Isn’t it funny how quickly things can change. Only a week or so ago, I was getting excited that our native Dutchman’s Pipe vine was still kicking on in the canopy of our tree, then a couple of large butterflies of both sexes were spotted multiple times. Today, the final part of the puzzle: caterpillars.…

  • Growing dianella during lockdown

    Growing dianella during lockdown

    Like a lot of people, I became a pandemic gardener. I’d never grown anything from seed, but all the time at home* was the perfect opportunity to finally give it a go. Dianella caerulea are a local native and a staple in our garden. We use them in difficult spots that other things would not…

  • Why sunsets are good for you

    Why sunsets are good for you

    Exploding colour in the sky is more than just a pretty end to the day.

  • Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    We’d come to the art site via the Barrk Sandstone track, through some of the best Kakadu scenery you can see. I walked around taking in the rock art pieces and their stories. I looked at the hand prints for a few minutes, they were clean and simple, just hands like any others. Except for…