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  • How to make sense of work you don’t love

    How to make sense of work you don’t love

    If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we aren’t always going to have a smooth run. This has been especially true for work, with many people finding themselves in a very different position to where they planned or expected to be. It’s possible you’ve had your entire career plan derailed, and even if you’ve maintained […]

  • Why sunsets are good for you

    Why sunsets are good for you

    Exploding colour in the sky is more than just a pretty end to the day.

  • Castle Hill in the wet

    Castle Hill in the wet

    My neighbourhood walk is one of my favourite places to be in the wet season.

  • Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    Nanguluwur Art Site, Kakadu NP

    We’d come to the art site via the Barrk Sandstone track, through some of the best Kakadu scenery you can see. I walked around taking in the rock art pieces and their stories. I looked at the hand prints for a few minutes, they were clean and simple, just hands like any others. Except for […]

  • Jolly Green Giants

    Jolly Green Giants

    Our last two chrysalides

  • The Butterfly Diaries

    The Butterfly Diaries

    We’ve been cultivating butterflies.

  • Just say no

    Just say no

    2016 was a year of saying yes to everything and working out how to do it later; you know, that piece of advice often bandied about by successful business types. Working in the careers industry, I put a lot of stock in the benefits of just giving things a go. Experience is everything and if […]

  • Noise


    My brain is a noisy place. Lately, it’s been so loud in there I can’t hear one thought over another. It’s a frustrating state to be in and I’ve decided enough is enough. So, while all the world seems to be setting themselves 12 week fitness challenges and competition goals, I’ve set myself a meditation […]

  • Wedge-tailed eagle

    Wedge-tailed eagle

    Bird-watching on the Plenty Highway

  • Simplicity and Solitude

    Simplicity and Solitude

    Peace and quiet on the Plenty Highway