The philosophy of growing caterpillars

Isn’t it funny how quickly things can change. Only a week or so ago, I was getting excited that our native Dutchman’s Pipe vine was still kicking on in the canopy of our tree, then a couple of large butterflies of both sexes were spotted multiple times. Today, the final part of the puzzle: caterpillars.Continue reading “The philosophy of growing caterpillars”

Return of the Birdwings

Just when I was thinking about planting a new native Dutchman’s Pipe vine, I started seeing butterflies in the yard again. Males and females have floated through, including this huge male, the biggest I’ve probably seen at around 15cm across. That lead me to gaze upwards into our tree and realise that the original vineContinue reading “Return of the Birdwings”

After two years meditating, here’s what I’ve learned

Meditation has fascinated me for a long time, partly from admiration of those who engaged in it, and partly due to the beauty of Buddhism in Japan and other cultures. I started dabbling in it years ago, but it never really stuck as a habit until last year. While I’m still a work in progress,Continue reading “After two years meditating, here’s what I’ve learned”

Growing dianella during lockdown

Like a lot of people, I became a pandemic gardener. I’d never grown anything from seed, but all the time at home* was the perfect opportunity to finally give it a go. Dianella caerulea are a local native and a staple in our garden. We use them in difficult spots that other things would notContinue reading “Growing dianella during lockdown”

Forget passion. Focus on purpose and flow instead.

Find your passion. That’s always the message floating around inspirational Instagram posts. I’ve spoken to so many people over the years, though, who are turned inside out by not knowing their passion, and therefore, their one big thing.  Feeling passionate about your work is incredible but “find your passion” is confusing advice, and at worst,Continue reading “Forget passion. Focus on purpose and flow instead.”

The mindfulness of astrophotography

Photography is my favourite hobby. I’ve been dabbling in it for at least 20 years and it’s given me a lot of joy in that time. Within photography, there are a lot of different niches, and lately the one that’s hooked me is astrophotography. Those expansive Milky Way shots have captivated me for years, butContinue reading “The mindfulness of astrophotography”

How to make sense of work you don’t love

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we aren’t always going to have a smooth run. This has been especially true for work, with many people finding themselves in a very different position to where they planned or expected to be. It’s possible you’ve had your entire career plan derailed, and even if you’ve maintainedContinue reading “How to make sense of work you don’t love”