Good Work Consulting

Careers support and coaching for everyone.

Career Conversations

Is your job not working for you? Are you grappling with a career decision? The perfect choice if you need someone unbiased to hear you out, dig deeper, reframe, challenge you, or give you alternatives, even if you don’t really know what you want to discuss.

Career Research

Curious about a specific field or profession but don’t know what qualifications or registrations are required? Let me do the leg work for you. A great option for busy people who don’t need another task on their To Do list.

Workshops & Programs

A whole-of-life approach covering work, play, health and happiness, coming soon…

Thoughts and tips on working and living better.


Meet Tara.

Good Work Consulting

is Tara Harrold, career development practitioner, nature lover, and photography enthusiast.

Want to know more?

Based in Townsville, Queensland




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