Hi, I’m Tara.

I’m an accredited career development practioner and my work is all about understanding what it takes to live a fulfilling life. Satisfaction at work, and more broadly in life, is what interests me.

I’m also a nature lover and photography enthusiast who enjoys being in remote wildnerness as much as my own garden.

I’ve worked in public service, non profit, small business and self-employment before my current role in higher education.

My version of success is finding contentment with life, and I’ll often talk as much about wellbeing and hobbies as jobs.

I love helping people understand themsleves so they can find meaning at work and make good choices that suit them. All jobs have the potential to be meaningful.

I love dogs, especially my bull terrier Pepper, reading, and music. I hate spiders. I dreamed of being a journo for National Geographic when I was growing up, I still pretty much do.

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