I’m in the process of rehabilitating a busted knee, which has been cramping my style for the last couple of years. This blog is to share treatment stuff, reminisce about past adventures and dream of new ones post-rehab, along with the things that keep me happy in the meantime. Which is to say it’s an attempt to keep me from whinging to all that love me about how I can’t do stuff.

I love being in the bush and like to talk all things outdoors (and occasionally partake), as well as photography, travel, music, and books. I don’t profess to be the best, most experienced or coolest at any of these things, but I do like to share. I love dogs. I hate spiders.

I dreamed of being a journo for National Geographic when I was growing up. I still pretty much do. My day job is in the careers industry, so I also frequently muse on the meaning of life.

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