Hi, I’m Tara.

I’m a careers practioner and my work is all about understanding what it takes to live a fulfilling life and helping people work out what that looks like for them. Satisfaction at work, and more broadly in life, is what interests me.

For me that means being in the bush and I think of myself as a nature advocate. I love bushwalking, even though my body doesn’t always, and doing 4WD trips into remote parts of Australia is when I’m happiest, particularly if I can get it all in pictures.

It also means being creative. I write about the environment, as well as photography, travel, music, gardening, and books, and how they all affect me and people more broadly.

Naturally, I write about careers topics too, along with positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness. Awe is a favourite topic.

I love dogs. I hate spiders. I dreamed of being a journo for National Geographic when I was growing up. I still pretty much do.

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