Castle Hill in the wet

My neighbourhood walk is one of my favourite places to be in the wet season.

Most people in Townsville think of Castle Hill as the city’s best free exercise. At it’s heart, though, it’s a nature reserve; a small but accessible slice of bush in our backyard.

I’ve seen lots of cool things wandering around the tracks, beautiful sunsets and sunrises of course, but also echidnas, goannas, wallabies, snakes big and small, cockatoos nesting in hollows, barking owls hunting at dusk, and more birds than I could say.

Other than animal encounters and magic skies though, the wet season offers some of my favourite sights as rain cascades off rock, making short-lived waterfalls and rockpools.

I’m sure some people wouldn’t even be aware there are falls on Castle Hill after big downpours, let alone rock pools big enough to sit in. It’s a lovely time though, and if you’re partial to walking in the rain as I am, I’d highly recommend a stroll along the Maidenhair track. You’ll likely have it all to yourself as any hint of rain sends us locals running for cover, as though we’ll melt if we get wet, like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Fingers crossed we will get another downpour this season so we can all enjoy. Well, all of us out there in the rain at least.

I reckon this one is deep enough for a dip
My favourite short-lived falls

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