Jolly Green Giants

Our last two chrysalides produced two males. Phew. I don’t know how we would cope with more than two females laying eggs given our last experience.


They were emerging first thing in the morning and, despite my willing it differently, their wings had only just started separating when I left for work. I was working close to home that day for a change so popped home at lunch to see if they were still there.

As I walked in the gate they were in fact still on their leaves, wings spread, perfectly luminous green. I skipped upstairs to get my camera and when I came back one had already moved to a branch and was flapping his wings in preparation for his first flight. Panic! I had moments to snap a shot before he was off.

My attention quickly shifted to the second male and we repeated the frantic scene, him flapping madly, me snapping madly. His success was greater than mine and he winged away into the mango tree, albeit a little clumsily. I struggled out of the garden, more than a little clumsily. My shots weren’t great, but I was really pleased to have seen them fly.

Later, I had a Disney princess moment as the two boys and one of the big girls that had emerged the day before all flapped around my head. Seriously, where’s my glass slipper? Though I’m already worried about not having enough leaves, I’m looking forward to the next batch of caterpillars.

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