Red Centre Road Trip

We’ve just returned from a two-week road trip to the middle of Australia, with Uluru both the main destination and the furthest point from home. As we only had this short amount of time off work, the driving was definitely a bit challenging with several long car days to help us get there and back. It was still worth squeezing it in. There’s so much more exploring to be done in the MacDonnell Ranges I’m certain we’ll be back, and with more time.

Below is a rough map of the route taken. It’s my first attempt at a Google map on here and I haven’t worked out how to highlight the off-road sections travelled as yet, particularly in the Davenport Ranges. Bear with me.

Our route was across the Plenty Highway into the Northern Territory, via Winton, with stops at Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Uluru, Henbury Meteorite Craters, and the Davenport Ranges, amongst others. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be writing about the trip in more detail; the list below details all related posts.

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