Wedge-tailed eagle

I’m a long way off being a professional photographer. Most of my photos are unplanned and not perfectly executed, but I really enjoy it. It’s a perfect add on to travel and any kind of outdoor pursuit.

I’ve just bought a new camera, a Canon EOS 80D and I’m still learning about all the features. I was playing around with the autofocus settings when suddenly I got the opportunity to photograph this wedge-tailed eagle. Spontaneous wildlife shots are my favourite.

Wedge-tailed eagles are easy to spot on highways out west, but hard to photograph as they generally fly off as the car slows. This one, though, did not want to part with its hard earned road kill. Having the benefit of a lightly-trafficked road, we sat in the car and watched it devour it’s meal.

This would have been a great shot, if only I’d had the focus settings worked out it might have been sharper.
A tasty rib! Mmm I love ribs!
Its a bit big, but I really love ribs…
Easy does it…
Ok that was a bit bigger than I thought…
Success! Yes!

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