Simplicity and Solitude

A dead tree on a colourful red dirt plain

Somewhere on a road trip I always listen to Xavier Rudd. He sings about freedom and country, and being unburdened by life, so it’s no surprise really. He played in the car as we drove this morning and the music had me ruminating on my travel preferences.

For many who like to hit the road in remote Australia the camaraderie of fellow travellers is something they seek. Though I love a chat with a like minded stranger, I’m not one of them; solitude is what I seek. I like to camp to get back to nature and if I can be far away from people that’s my preference. It’s here in these middle-of-nowhere campsites that I relax; by campfire, by starlight, by early morning light and glowing sunsets. I’m not a caravan park kind of girl.

Some of my friends don’t understand my love of camping, they see it as uncomfortable and difficult. But for me, it’s a necessary reset, a reminder of how simple life can be: sleep, eat, move, relax, repeat. It’s not to say it isn’t hard work at times, but it gives reward in equal measure.

Today was a transit day for us, a hard slog not earmarked for any special sights or destinations. Despite that, we passed through striking countryside, coloured by green spinifex, red dirt, yellow Mitchell grass and moody clouded skies. It was a beautiful drive. After many long kilometres we picked a wayside campsite and yet again found ourselves all alone in beautiful country.

Alone again in the bush

As I explored the arid scrub around camp I was followed closely by a willy wagtail, picking off bugs as they scattered around me. Looking across the rolling landscape with my little friend I decided the day’s effort had definitely been worth it. Everyone has their own way; this one suits me just fine.

Start: Conn Hole, Winton
End: Limestone Rise, Plenty Highway, NT

Seen: brolgas, red kangaroos, goanna, wedge tail eagles, swiftlets, grey falcon (?), nankeen kestrels, barn own, budgies, cockatiels, willy wagtails

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