A bumpy road

I do like adventures. Smooth roads and concrete paths are easier but way less appealing. Uneven trails, on the other hand, they’re harder but much more interesting. When it comes to holidays, I’m all for it. But in my knee rehab? Nope, I’ll pass, thanks.

Choosing challenge is one thing, but being forced into it is completely different. The last six weeks have found me continually mulling this over. Up until then, I had been enjoying a smooth rehab journey, taking pride in my consistency and crediting my hard work for my results, perhaps a little smugly.

Things went downhill quite rapidly after my last post, with the pain in my knee increasing to the worst I can remember it. I couldn’t progress in my rehab; in fact, I often couldn’t do any rehab.

Discussions with my physio didn’t make things any clearer as it appeared my pain was a combination of both cartilage and tendon issues. Atypical, she called it. Frustrating, I called it.

The reminder that not everything is fixable was hard to ignore. Back to the doctor for further advice, and perhaps more injections. It turns out that PRP injections change the way the tendon looks almost permanently, rendering ultrasound a useless diagnostic tool. He pressed, prodded, and stretched my knee, before declaring he didn’t really know either. He suggested we try Mobic anti-inflammatory and reassess in a week. I went home and took my tablet and commiserated over a cup of tea (this is also how I celebrate, contemplate, or just generally waste time, and thankfully is something I love doing that does not involve my knee). Wait and see was the new plan. 

Well… what a difference a day can make, or even just fourteen hours as it happens. When I woke up the next morning I was nearly pain-free. I did my exercises and had to stop myself from doing too much. I couldn’t have asked for better. My physio was relieved too, and we put together a new plan. The Mobic has given a reprieve which I’m taking advantage of to get back on track. I’ll do this for as long as it lasts, which if I’m lucky could be long term. If not, I’ve been given a free pass for now, so I’ll take it as it comes. (Side note: I can see why people get reliant on this drug, it is amazing.)

It’s true what they say about stuff being character building, but only hindsight gives that clarity (in other words, don’t tell someone it will make them stronger while they’re in the middle of it, they’re more likely to yell at you than thank you).  I’m going to try to keep that in mind for next time because there will be a next time, no doubt. I can tough it out when I’m choosing my challenges; I’m sure I can in my rehab as well. For the time being, I’ll take what I can, when I can. Maybe remind me of that next time if I need it. I promise I’ll try not to yell.

The art of strapping

3 responses to “A bumpy road”

  1. Good luck with the knee. It is often two steps forward one back. I am having a very slow recovery form a torn meniscus repair. I can’t really walk on it yet for longer than a few minutes and it has been over a month.

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