A new normal

I’m surprised at myself. I spent a really great Easter at Bluesfest in Byron Bay, listening to some amazing musicians, marvelling at their skills, and admiring their many beautiful guitars. Music makes me very happy, and if it’s live all the better. Through all of this auditory bliss, though, one small thought kept creeping in: I missed my rehab training.

Muddy feet are happy feet at Bluesfest

I did as much as was possible, but with the cramped quarters of the tipi I shared with my five friends and the toll that standing for most of a twelve-hour concert takes, it was sporadic at best.

In the past, I’ve found rehab training tedious and have struggled to find the necessary routine to see improvement. This time, though, things are completely different. I’m motivated and dedicated, but it’s more than that. I’ve found an unexpected enjoyment in the morning and evening ritual.

Standing in front of the windows each morning, enjoying the quiet of the rising sun and the waking city is a calm and meditative start to my day. In the evening, my favourite songs help me unwind as I enjoy the sunset and city lights. To be forced to do this is no hardship.

These two chunks of quiet time are like little mindful bookends to my days and have given rise to moments of clarity and creativity, and simple peace. If you read about positive daily rituals, mindfulness, and creativity, it wouldn’t surprise you at all but it wasn’t something I’d expected to happen alongside my knee improvements.

So I’m back in front of my window, doing my ninety decline squats per day, and I’m happy to be here. My consistency means I’ll soon be doing progressions to further challenge the tendon, so my physio is happy too. And bonus: I have some cool new music for my night time slot. Winning.

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