On track

“You’ll need to do these for when you’re back walking hills.”

I was internally doing fist-pumps at that statement, whilst outwardly playing it cool. I’m certain my physio didn’t notice as she worked on my knee. She was referring to a new set of exercises that are preventative so that I don’t get this all over again.

Yep, no worries, I’ll do those too.

Somewhere my knee can’t currently take me

For a long while, I had thought I wouldn’t be hiking again, certainly not with a full pack. First the cartilage, then months of Ross River Virus (I still have this), then the patellar tendon. My body seemed to be sending me messages. Today’s good report was welcome news.

So far I’ve had a course of PRP injections and have now been doing this intensive rehab program for three weeks. I have another nine weeks on it, and then we reassess. I am religious in my execution.  The thought of being an old broken person is a great incentive. The squats strengthen my tendons as well as my resolve. I want to keep doing stuff and this is how it will happen. Simple.

At lunch time today I ran into a former colleague who recently retired. He’s off to do the Larapinta Trail this August. It’s an amazing 200km walk through desert country with waterholes, gorges, and mountain views. I’ve been dreaming about it since well before my knee problems.

I’m going to do that one day too, I told him. A little preemptive perhaps, but a nice positive affirmation nonetheless.

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