Treatment commences

It has been a week since my first knee treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma injections. The news about my patellar tendon was not great, as expected. The benefit from that was the injection at least didn’t hurt.

I have had problems with my knee for a few years, namely some missing and torn cartilage that causes pain and swelling. After returning to the surgeon to finally book in for a clean up, he found my patellar tendon had degenerated significantly, and referred me off to have this treated as the higher priority.

If you’re considering this treatment, the process itself is simple: your blood is drawn, spun down to separate the plasma, then injected directly into the most affected part, with the aid of ultrasound. The healthier the tendon, the more difficult it is to insert the needle, hence the pain. My doctor said two thirds of patients get positive outcomes. Fingers crossed.

The strangest part about the injections was that it made my knee cap feel loose, like if I took a wrong step it would pop right out. Somewhat disconcerting. I stayed home from work to be cautious. My knee has been more sore since the treatment as well, which they do warn you about. That’s ok, the pain reminds me not to push it.

The advice on my rehab is that I can and should keep up with my pilates and weights, which I’m very happy about. I have a few specific rehab exercises to do at least every second day. Cardio is going to be a lot of swimming and stationery bike, and avoiding any prolonged walking. I really enjoy swimming, it’s excellent meditation, and leaves me feeling strong and flexible. As for stationery bike… thank god for Netflix.

One more week and I’ll be getting injection number two. Here’s hoping.

2 responses to “Treatment commences”

    • Thanks Sherry, I’m halfway through the intensive phase of my rehab now. I have a way to go, but feeling very positive so far. I hope you get some relief for yours soon 😊

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