This morning while drinking my cup of tea I read a Daily Prompt to describe my Oasis. I’m working my way through the Blogging 101 course, and this was yesterday’s task. 

Poss, up late after a night out.
We are in the middle of a drought. It is a long one, and not forecast to end for some time. Water restrictions are in place, and will probably get tighter over the next couple of months. I’ve always loved native gardens, they are an extension of my love for the bush, and as native plants are drought survivors, it’s a preference that is also very practical.

It’s always been important to me that our garden feeds and shelters wildlife, but now I feel it more strongly, almost as a duty of care. Despite living in the middle of the city, we share our space with several goannas, a bandicoot, a possum, a multitude of resident birds, the
occasional blue tongue lizard and rambling echidna, along with a healthy buck wallaby that sneaks in and out under cover of night. There are three species of bees regularly pollinating the flowers too, which I am especially pleased about, given their precarious situation globally. It’s quite a family to feed and house.

We are currently working on a part of the garden which was previously a neglected, weed-infested block, full of rocks and difficult to plant areas, that had been used as a dump by surrounding properties for probably eighty years. Quite the challenge. We’ve been filling it with lots of flowering plants, with many grevillea and bottlebrushes to attract birds and insects, with much success.

Over the last six months, this difficult piece of land has increasingly become a part of my evening routine as we’ve gradually improved it. It has sometimes slowly, and sometimes quickly, developed into a flowering place of calm where I spend my time unwinding. I’ve always felt satisfaction from having a garden, but only in a superficial sense. It has now become more than that; a refuge for both me and my critters.





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