A little bit about me

I aspire to do a lot of things, because experiencing new stuff, especially in nature, makes me happy. Lately though, I’ve realised that it’s really nice to reconnect with old familiar things too, which lead me to consider writing again.

I love reading about other people’s amazing adventures, it inspires me to plan my next one. That said, I don’t travel for six out of twelve months (unfortunately!) so I think it’s nice to read about smaller adventures as well. I’m not someone who’s leading an extraordinary life, but I am trying to live a fulfilling one. My day job is in the careers industry, so I’m probably a bit more conscious of this than some.

This won’t be the place you come to for extreme expeditions, or incredible risk taking anecdotes. It’s just me and my normal, but mostly satisfying, life, sharing my endeavours, past and present. Hopefully they will entertain you, possibly inform you, and maybe even inspire your own. I’d like that.

This is particularly good for me as I get ready to start treating some knee problems that have been hanging around for a while. Over the last couple of years they have forced me to change, as I can’t do what I once did for fun. I’ve already had to postpone one hiking trip indefinitely, and who knows if I’ll get back to a point where I can comfortably pack walk again, without fear of injury. So, I’m going to reminisce a bit about past adventures while I wait for some new ones to pan out. While I’m doing that, I’d really love to hear from anyone else who has had Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for your knees to know how your recovery has gone. And if you’d like to chat about adventures and find some common ground, that would be awesome too.

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